Holiday COURSE

Enjoy Japan – Experience the sights and sounds of Japan while learning more about the culture and language – all in one package with our Holiday Course!

SUMMER 2019 Course Applications is OPEN!

Course Dates: 
(A) 3 weeks – 16 JUL 2019 – 02 AUG 2019
(B) 4 weeks – 16 JUL 2019 – 09 AUG 2019

Application Period: 03 JUL 2019 to 02 OCT 2019

Vacancies: AVAILABLE

WINTER 2019 Course Applications is coming soon!

Course Dates: 02 DEC 2019 – 20 DEC 2019

Application Period: 03 JUL 2019 to 02 OCT 2019

Vacancies: To be announced


Experience what you love firsthand, right here in person with our Holiday Course

Holiday Course – Our holiday courses are 3-week courses filled with lessons and activities that allow you to experience modern and traditional aspects of Japan in a short period of time. This course is specifically crafted for you to immerse yourself in Japan with these 3 aspects in mind – LIVING, LEARNING,  and EXPLORING. Matsudo International School currently offers three holiday courses: SPRING, SUMMER and WINTER.

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A slice of life!

Our holiday courses are 3 weeks in length – more than sufficient to experience day to day life in Japan. Try your hands at shopping and buying groceries at a supermarket, or ordering food at a restaurant!


Get your feet wet in learning!

Learn Japanese in Japan, so that you may have the best environment to practice it! 2 types of Japanese lessons are available: Basic Japanese for Beginners, and Conversational Japanese for individuals who already have foundation in Japanese language.


An adventure awaits!

Matsudo International School is located at the perfect location, conveniently accessible to Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures, giving you opportunities to explore to your heart’s content during your free time!

Exclusive Offer#1


Apply by the early bird period to receive a discount of JPY 5,000!
Exclusive Offer#2


Come with a friend to receive a discount of JPY 10,000 for BOTH you and your friend!

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Start your adventure in Japan
with our holiday course!!